Yvette Brooks Capitola City Councilmember and Former Mayor


Words from my supporters:

“From housing to the environment, Yvette has been a strong, impactful, and respected voice on behalf of Capitola – elevating Capitola’s needs countywide.” Zach Friend, Second District Supervisor for Santa Cruz County

Yvette Brooks is a strong and effective advocate for Capitola families and children.  She works hard to create and deliver city services that meet the needs of youth in our community and she cares about protecting the quality of life in Capitola neighborhoods.  Capitola needs Yvette Brooks!  Sam Storey, Capitola Mayor 2022

“Yvette Brooks is a woman with vision who knows how to get things done. The first time I saw her in action was when we were developing the county’s three-year strategic plan for early childhood care and education. She’s articulate and makes decisions based on what I see as her core values of equity and compassion. I wholeheartedly endorse and support rthe e-election of Yvette Brooks to Capitola City Council” Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson, Santa Cruz City Council

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